Love & Intimacy

Many of us experience love. We may love our Mum or Dad. We may love our pet rabbit. We may also have a crush on a pop star or a movie star.

We hear a lot about love when it comes to dating and relationships. But how is loving a boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner different from loving our Mum or Dad? How is it the same? Is loving a partner the same as having sex with them? Is it different? Is a crush the same thing as love?

And what does intimacy mean? Does ‘being intimate’ with someone always mean having sex with them? Are there other ways people can show love to each other, or be intimate with each other? What’s scary about love and intimacy? What’s great about it?

Let’s have a conversation!


How Do You Support Your Partner and Show Them Love?

If we’ve never had a romantic partner, we often think about all the things we might GET if we find one: love, affection, friendship, sex, support… But having a partner also means GIVING a lot of things to them. A good partner won’t expect you to give them lots of money or fancy gifts. More often partners give each other support and love. In this video, different people talk about how they support their partner and show them love.



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Let’s Get Real

Dating group for people with cognitive disabilities in Greater Vancouver.


“Just The Two of Us” Showcases Need for Privacy

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Everyone has a right to enjoy romantic and sexual relationships.



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