Connecting Queer Communities (CQC) is a social group for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks with cognitive disabilities to connect with each other, and with the broader queer community of the Lower Mainland. 


What will CQC do?

We aim to host monthly events across 2024. CQC aims to be peer-led, helping support 2SLGBTIQA+ folks with cognitive disabilities attend the queer events, festivals, social gatherings, peer support spaces, and other events of their choosing. CQC aims to cover some or all of the transport and event costs for all planned events for attendees.

What are our goals?

CQC is a multi-year project run by Real Talk, and operated by Kinsight Society.

Our first year was funded the Disability Alliance of British Columbia, and our 2024 year is funded by the Pride and Remembrance Foundation.

 This year we hope to:

  • Help our social group gain greater access to queer events across the Lower Mainland
  • Help build queer confidence for the Community Living Sector

Connecting Queer Communities is funded in 2024 by a grant from the Pride and Remembrance Foundation

Connecting Queer Communities was funded in 2023 by a grant from the Disability Alliance of BC.