CQC at SIXPO Festival, April 22nd 2023

Connecting Queer Communities’ first foray into event tabling happened at none other than SIXPO Festival: a sexuality expo by and for folks with disabilities. On Saturday, April 22nd, Alison and Kelsey set up a booth and button making station with both the Pride and Disability Pride flags behind it. Alison was asked to take part in an upcoming independent documentary project on queerness and disability, as well as moderate the SIXPO Panel: Overcoming Barriers, with speakers Andrew Gurza, Tien Neo Eamas, Teri, Trish St. John of Sensual Solutions.

CQC Social Mixer, March 31 2023

On March 31st, 14 folks gathered together at the BACI New West office to brainstorm all the different things they’d want from the Connecting Queer Communities Group. Click here to read the typed up minutes from the brainstorm!

CQC at JQT Artisan Market and History of Jewish Drag Talk, May 15 2023

On May 15th, 2023, CQC headed to our very first JQT event to celebrate Jewish Heritage Month. We met up at the Peretz Centre for Secular Jewish Culture to attend the JQT Artisan Market and listen to Oy Slay! The History of Jewish Drag with Stav Meisher. We browsed local Jewish queer and trans artist vendors, checking out all sorts of art, jewellry, and books before sitting down to listen to JQT’s Artist-in-Residence Stav Meisher, all the way from the United Kingdom. Stav presented an incredible deep dive into the history of Jewish drag, and many CQC participants afterwards discussed the ways their own identity and gender expression intersected with their culture.

CQC Planning Group #1, April 28 2023

On Friday, April 28th, 4 members of CQC gathered at Waves Coffee House in New Westminster to review the long list of brainstormed ideas from the Social Mixer. The participants chose a few events to focus on in the coming months, including a drag show at Junction, a relaxed performance of a play about drag at the Stanley Theatre, and a keen interest in going out to Pride events once the season starts. You can find the minutes from this Planning Group Meeting here