What Can I do if my Doctor Doesn’t Listen to me?

We go to the doctor because they’re a trusted medical professional, and we need their help getting the care we need. But what happens when our doctor doesn’t listen to our needs? In this video, Marielle shares some tips on how to best advocate for your needs at the doctor’s office.

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Why We Talk About…


We all have rights, but it can be hard to stand up for them if we don’t know what they are. Do we have the right to information about sex?  Do people have to ask before they touch us? Do doctors have to keep our conversations with them private? Do two people have the right to date if they both say yes but a family member or staff disagrees with their decision? Do people have the right to have children if they want them? Can someone tell us we’re not allowed to be gay? What if someone wants to date us but we’re not sure how we feel about them? Who can we ask about this stuff?

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