Where do you get Advice on Relationships, Love, and Sex?

If you have questions about dating, love, relationships, and sex, where can you find answers? Should you just Google it? In this video, people discuss who they like to talk to when they need advice or support, and what makes someone good to talk to. They also discuss trustworthy websites, hotlines, and library books where someone can get accurate information. They even discuss who NOT to talk to about this. (Spoiler – it’s a bad idea to talk to strangers about sex.)

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Why We Talk About…

Where to Get Information About Sex:

It’s easy to type “sex” into Google. It can be harder to get reliable, accurate information about sex. Picking the right person or resource to get our information from is important. Our videos have accurate information on sex. Our videos also discuss who we can  ask if we have other questions about sex. (We also discuss who we shouldn’t ask about sex.) You can also find services that provide accurate, agenda-free sexual health information on our Resources page.

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