How do You Know if You’re Ready for Sex?

Deciding whether or not to have sex can be a major choice in a person’s life. Figuring out whether you feel ready can be part of that decision. In this video, different people talk about how they figure out if they feel ready.

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Why We Talk About…


Everything in life involves risk. Walking out the front door of our home can be risky. Not walking out the front door of our home can be risky. Going online can be risky. Not going online can be risky.

Relationships can also be risky. Friends might disappoint us. Boyfriends, girlfriends, romantic partners might break our heart. Sex might lead to unplanned pregnancy or STIs. Consent isn’t always respected. Some people might try to rip us off. But not having relationships can also be risky. Loneliness and isolation are hazardous to our health.

How much risk should we take? How can we figure out when a risk is worth it to us, and when it isn’t? How can we improve the odds of good things happening?

What are the risks of never taking risks? What are the risks of not having enough information to make our own informed choices? Who are the right people to ask about these things?

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