Relationship Red Flags & Green Flags

When people see something that is a sign to them that things are safe & comfortable, they may call it a ‘green flag’. When see something that is a sign to them that things might be unsafe & uncomfortable, they may call it a ‘red flag’. In this video, people talk about what are green flags and red flags for them in relationships – in other words, what are good signs and bad signs for them in relationships.

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Why We Talk About…


Let’s face it – dating can be amazing, exciting, and complicated. Where do we meet a potential partner? How do we let someone know we’re interested in them romantically? How do we figure out if they’re interested in us? When do we take a risk and when do we play it safe? How do we start dating?  How do we keep a relationship going? How do we figure out if it’s working for us? How do we change a relationship if it isn’t working? How do we end a relationship if it’s not working and we can’t change it? How do we take care of ourselves if we want a partner and don’t have one? If we get dumped? Who are the right people to ask about these things?

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