When Someone Isn’t Quite Sure if They Want to Have Sex

If sex is going to happen, it’s essential that everyone agrees that they want to. If a person agrees they want to have sex, that means they’re giving consent. But how can you tell if someone wants to have sex? How can you tell if someone is giving consent? In this video by Planned Parenthood, they show what it looks like when someone isn’t quite sure if they want to have sex.

Want more?

  • SexSense is a free hotline where you can get your questions answered by phone or email
  • Scarleteen is a free website with lots of relationship, boundaries, and consent questions sent in by people, and answers from sexual health educators. 
  • WAVAW and BCMSSA are organizations that help people survive abusive relationships.
  • Is That Legal? is a guide to dealing with sexual harassment online.

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Why We Talk About…


We hear a lot about consent when it comes to sex. But what does consent mean? How do we ask someone for consent to kiss them? To have sex with them? How do we decide if we want to give someone consent? 

As well – should people be asking us for our consent about other things besides sex? Should staff ask for our consent when figuring out what the day’s activities will be? Can our parents make us eat broccoli without our consent? Join the conversation on consent!

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