What’s it Like to Meet People Online? (Pre-COVID)

Lots of people meet online these days. Sometimes friendship happens. Sometimes romance. Sometimes nothing. What are some websites that people visit to find friendship or romance? What are some things people do when they’ve met someone online and they’re going to meet them in person for the first time?

*Please note, this video was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic; some things folks have shared may no longer meet current Provincial Health guidelines in B.C. For our most recent videos on online dating in the COVID-19 Pandemic, visit these videos:

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Dating apps mentioned in this video are:

Let’s Get Real and Buddy Club are two dating & friending groups for folks with cognitive disabilities in Greater Vancouver.

Is That Legal? is a guide to dealing with sexual harassment online.

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Why We Talk About…



Everything in life involves risk. Walking out the front door of our home can be risky. Not walking out the front door of our home can be risky. Going online can be risky. Not going online can be risky.

Relationships can also be risky. Friends might disappoint us. Boyfriends, girlfriends, romantic partners might break our heart. Sex might lead to unplanned pregnancy or STIs. Consent isn’t always respected. Some people might try to rip us off. But not having relationships can also be risky. Loneliness and isolation are hazardous to our health.

How much risk  should we take? How can we figure out when a risk is worth it to us, and when it isn’t? How can we improve the odds of good things happening?

As well, what are the risks of never taking risks? What are the risks of not having enough information to make our own informed choices about risk? Who are the right people to ask about these things? Join the conversation!



Let’s face it – dating can be amazing, exciting, and complicated. Where do we meet a potential partner? How do we let someone know we’re interested in them romantically? How do we figure out if they’re interested in us? When do we take a risk and when do we play it safe? How do we start dating?  How do we keep a relationship going? How do we figure out if it’s working for us? How do we change a relationship if it isn’t working? How do we end a relationship if it’s not working and we can’t change it? How do we take care of ourselves if we want a partner and don’t have one? If we get dumped? Who are the right people to ask about these things? Join the conversation! 

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