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Comprehensive UK Report on Sexuality and Safety in Community Living Organizations

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England. Earlier this month they released a comprehensive report on sexual …

BBC 4 Radio Program on Cognitive Disability and Romantic Relationships

In this well-made, half-hour British Broadcasting Corporation radio investigation, different folks from the UK talk about their romantic relationships, and the barrier…

New Article From the Guardian About Disability and the Right to Love

The Guardian UK edition does a great piece about people with cognitive disabilities and sexuality. You can read it here.

The Love Lounge – An Online Advice Forum on Sex, Love, and Disability

Feel alone? Need to get a bit of down to earth advice or some practical tips on sex, relationships and flirting? Visit The Love Lounge and ask a question of their resi…

Introducing the Supported Loving Network

Supported Loving Network, a sexual health & sexual citizenship support organization out of the UK, has now come out with a webpage with podcasts, blogs, and resour…

Sexual Autonomy vs. Safety in UK Court Case

Manchester UK City Council is facing criticism because care workers are “allowing” a woman with autism to have sex. (It’s extramarital sex, it poses potential safety r…

UK Woman Denied the Right to Know she has an IUD.

A woman with cognitive disabilities in London UK was fitted with an IUD without her knowledge or permission. A judge just ruled that her human rights were violated whe…



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