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Andrew Gurza on Going Without Sex For a Year During COVID

Writer and disability activist Andrew Gurza realized last week that because of COVID, its’ been a year since he’s had sex. In this article, he talks about what that’s …

BBC 4 Radio Program on Cognitive Disability and Romantic Relationships

In this well-made, half-hour British Broadcasting Corporation radio investigation, different folks from the UK talk about their romantic relationships, and the barrier…

Satire Videos From the Self Advocacy Federation

Edmonton’s Self-Advocacy Federation is an advocacy and support organization for adults with cognitive disabilities and their allies. Among many other activities, the S…

New Article From the Guardian About Disability and the Right to Love

The Guardian UK edition does a great piece about people with cognitive disabilities and sexuality. You can read it here.

Baltimore Nightclub For Adults With Disabilities Fosters Love, Friendship And Inclusion

A nightclub in Baltimore, Maryland is making headlines for being the first of its kind in creating an inclusive environment for folks with cognitive disabilities. To…

The Supported Loving Network has a brand new toolkit for you to check out.

The Supported Loving network has produced a series of guides to help support people with learning disabilities with issues around sex and relationships. R…

Romance, Relationships & Rights

Join us for this theatre performance created by and with self-advocates supported by the Community Living Society and based on research from the UBC Centre for Inclusi…



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