Season 2 of ‘Special’ made to be ‘gayer and gimpier’: The Guardian

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We’ve been waiting for the second season of Special, and it did not disappoint! An excerpt on the Ryan Hayes’ continued journey in the Guardian reads:

“Upgraded to half-hour episodes from the first season’s 15-minute nibbles, the new series is far richer dramatically. There is space now not only for Ryan to pursue his needs but for his friend Kim (Punam Patel), a plus-size woman of colour, and his timid mother Karen (Jessica Hecht), to find fulfilment. ‘It’s the three of them saying, ‘I wanna be the girl with the most cake.’” He is also proud to have kept his promise that Special would become “gayer and gimpier”. Ryan previously rejected a deaf suitor on a blind date, but now he embraces the disabled and neuro-diverse community.”

Read the full Guardian article here

Watch the trailer for the Season 2 trailer for Special here!

Read a Season 2 review by Variety here. 

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