How Do You Know If Someone Is Attracted To You?

Letting people know you’re interested in them romantically, and figuring out if they’re interested in you romantically can be complicated. Sometimes people just say it plainly using words like “I’m interested in you.” or “I’m not interested in you.”

But sometimes when people are interested in you romantically, they don’t say it plainly. Instead, they say or do things that they hope will get the message across, without actually saying the words “I’m attracted to you romantically.”

In this video, people talk about how they know if someone interested in them romantically, even if they don’t say it plainly in words.

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Why We Talk About…



Let’s face it – dating can be amazing, exciting, and complicated. Where do we meet a potential partner? How do we let someone know we’re interested in them romantically? How do we figure out if they’re interested in us? When do we take a risk and when do we play it safe? How do we start dating?  How do we keep a relationship going? How do we figure out if it’s working for us? How do we change a relationship if it isn’t working? How do we end a relationship if it’s not working and we can’t change it? How do we take care of ourselves if we want a partner and don’t have one? If we get dumped? Who are the right people to ask about these things?

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