How Do You Feel About Masturbation?

Masturbation is healthy, pleasurable, and something that many, many people do. But it can be embarrassing to talk about. Some people find it easier to masturbate if they use a sex toy. In this video, people discuss whether they think masturbation is OK, whether they use a sex toy, and where & when it’s a good idea to talk about it to other people.

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Why We Talk About…



It’s amazing how our bodies are able to feel pleasure – whether it’s the taste of ice cream, the feeling of petting a kitten, the sound of our favourite song, the smell of jasmine flowers, the sight of a beautiful sunset, or the emotions we experience when we spend time with a good friend. Sex can also be pleasurable – whether we are by ourselves or with someone else. But it can be harder to talk about sex than about ice cream or sunsets. So we might wonder: Should sex feel good for us? How do people make sex feel good / better? Is it ok for us to have sexual pleasure by ourselves (also known as masturbation)? What should we do if sex is pleasurable for our partner but not for us? How do we get comfortable with feeling this kind of pleasure if bad sexual stuff has happened to us? Who are the right people to ask about these things?

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