Have You Ever Wanted To Be Pregnant? Or To Prevent Pregnancy?

One reason why people might choose to have sex is because they want to have a baby. Having sex can lead to pregnancy, which can lead to having a baby. But there are other reasons why people have sex – it can feel good, it can make them feel close and connected with their partner.

Sometimes people want to have sex for these other reasons, but don’t want to get pregnant. In this video, people talk about whether they want to have a baby, and what they do to prevent pregnancy if they want to have sex but they don’t want to have a baby right now.

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Why We Talk About…

Safer Sex

Riding in a car is never 100% safe. Neither is eating a sandwich. That doesn’t mean we should never do these things. It does mean we should consider taking common-sense precautions, like wearing a seatbelt, not riding with a driver who’s been drinking, not eating baloney that’s past its expiry date, and not swallowing our food too quickly while running with scissors. 


Sex is never 100% safe either. That doesn’t mean we should never do it. It does mean we should consider taking some precautions. But what exactly are we trying to prevent? What are we taking precautions against? Are some precautions more effective than others? How do we talk about safer sex or contraception (birth control) with our partners? How do we talk about our safer sex or contraception needs with the people who support us? Where can we get information about this stuff? Where can we get supplies?

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