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Videos From Options For Sexual Health on Safety During COVID

This whole COVID thing is new for all of us. It’s normal to have questions. Things like: Is it safe to see my boyfriend / girlfriend / partner right now if we don’t l…

Right2Love – A Calgary Organization Supporting People’s Relationships

In these videos, people with cognitive disabilities discuss their experiences, hopes and dreams around dating, love, relationships and sex… In this one, a mother …

The Atlantic Monthly Reports on Cognitive Disability & Sexuality

Encouraging to see such a prominent magazine take on the topic of sexuality and cognitive disability. To watch the video, click here.  

Candid video where folks with disabilities talk about awkward dating moments…

  “If you want to date yourself a disabled person, well… We’re hot. We’re raunchy. We’re good at it. It’s a no-brainer.” Mat Fraser, international burlesque a…



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