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Aaron Philip and ‘Beauty Isn’t Binary’

Aaron Philip is the first black, transgender and disabled model to sign for a leading agency. In 2019, she was featured in a video put out by Dove’s Real Beauty Campai…

A Mum’s Take on Reproductive Rights for her Daughter With a Disability

In this article from The Mighty, a mother talks about her reaction to well-intentioned friends’ suggestion that her 10-year-old daughter could benefit from a hystere…

A Love Story

Chloe was born with Down syndrome and her husband, Jason, is autistic. Jason believes Chloe is the most beautiful woman on earth and is excited to grow old with her.

Romance, Relationships & Rights

Join us for this theatre performance created by and with self-advocates supported by the Community Living Society and based on research from the UBC Centre for Inclusi…

Sexual Autonomy vs. Safety in UK Court Case

Manchester UK City Council is facing criticism because care workers are “allowing” a woman with autism to have sex. (It’s extramarital sex, it poses potential safety r…

UK Woman Denied the Right to Know she has an IUD.

A woman with cognitive disabilities in London UK was fitted with an IUD without her knowledge or permission. A judge just ruled that her human rights were violated whe…



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