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BBC Story on Cognitive Disability and Sexual Identity

LGBTQIA2S++ people with cognitive disabilities have often faced barriers when it comes to their identity – but some are now using their negative experiences to bring a…

Videos From Options For Sexual Health on Safety During COVID

This whole COVID thing is new for all of us. It’s normal to have questions. Things like: Is it safe to see my boyfriend / girlfriend / partner right now if we don’t l…

Chronic Sex: A Website & Podcast on Disability and Sexuality

We discovered Kristen Shultz from their article on adapted sex toys in the Sex Tech Guide. Turns out they have a great website and podcast all about¬†disability, chroni…

CBC editorial on sexual health education for people with cognitive disabilities

The rollback of school-based sexual health education in Ontario under Doug Ford has led to some reflection on how students with cognitive disabilities have been denied…



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