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BBC Story on Cognitive Disability and Sexual Identity

LGBTQIA2S++ people with cognitive disabilities have often faced barriers when it comes to their identity – but some are now using their negative experiences to bring a…

Cripping Up Sex With Eva – A Great Sex Ed Website

Eva Sweeney didn’t get into sex education because she wanted to help people or become a teacher. Rather, it was because she didn’t find any applicable information for …

Australian Website With Dating Tips for Folks With Autism

…is a great Australian website for young people with autism who are just finishing high school. There are articles on conversation skills, advocacy, health, managing…

Articles on Disability and Sexuality from Feminism in India Magazine

Abha Khetarpal is a writer, a counsellor, a teacher, a social worker, a motivational speaker, an activist, a National Awardee, and one of the 100 Women Achievers in In…

UN Report: Young People With Disabilities Need More Sexual Health Information

Young people with disabilities have the same sexual and reproductive health needs and rights as their peers without disabilities. Yet, too often, stigma and misconcept…

CBC editorial on sexual health education for people with cognitive disabilities

The rollback of school-based sexual health education in Ontario under Doug Ford has led to some reflection on how students with cognitive disabilities have been denied…

Peer-Led Sex Education for Women with Cognitive Disabilities in Australia

Check out this great new sex-ed initiative in New South Wales, Australia by clicking here.   

Article from The Guardian on Sexual Health Education and Disability

Read the full article here.



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