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Netflix Series – Love on the Spectrum

Netflix has launched a new reality TV series following a number of Australians on the autism spectrum as they navigate dating and love. It will be interesting to see h…

The Daily Herald on LGBTQ Identities and Autism

This Utah newspaper has an interesting report on higher rates of LGBTQ identities among people with autism. Click here to read it.

A Love Story

Chloe was born with Down syndrome and her husband, Jason, is autistic. Jason believes Chloe is the most beautiful woman on earth and is excited to grow old with her.

Australian Website With Dating Tips for Folks With Autism

…is a great Australian website for young people with autism who are just finishing high school. There are articles on conversation skills, advocacy, health, managing…

Sexual Autonomy vs. Safety in UK Court Case

Manchester UK City Council is facing criticism because care workers are “allowing” a woman with autism to have sex. (It’s extramarital sex, it poses potential safety r…



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