Sex Education Season 3 Is Must-See TV

November 4, 2021 |

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The Netflix teen comedy series breaks new ground by featuring a lead character with a disability as part of a romantic triangle.

Sex Education has tackled many of the issues facing young folks who are navigating dating, love, relationships, and sex – and it has usually done so without being too cute or too preachy. In Season 3 it addresses disability and sexuality brilliantly by simply not making it a big deal. Two characters fancy each other and start kissing for the first time. One of them asks the other how they like to be touched and what brings them pleasure. The other character answers.

This kind of pre-sex conversation is becoming more common among people everywhere, and it’s powerful to witness how effectively includes people whose bodies may experience pleasure differently.

The series also does a great job of sympathetically portraying how challenging it can be to talk to your own children about these topics – even if you’re a professional sex educator.

Watch the show here.

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