VCHA Guide to Supporting Sexual Health and Intimacy in Care Facilities

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority published a pocket guide detailing how to support the sexuality of folks living in care facilities.

Talking to People With Learning Disabilities About Sex

For a while now people have been asking for a short pamphlet on this topic for families and staff.

Sensual Solutions

Intimacy coaches who have experience providing services for people with disabilities.

The PleasureABLE Guide

A PDF guide of adapted sex toys and sexual positions for bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

1-800-SEX-SENSE Line

A free, anonymous telephone and email info hotline where you can ask any question about sex.

Options For Sexual Health

British Columbia’s largest sexual health nonprofit, with lots of info and services on their website.


A sexuality and relationships website for teens and emerging adults.


A website with animated sex-ed videos on lots of crucial topics.

The website – recently featured in the Netflix series Sex Education – celebrates diversity and combats shame.

Shift Education

Curriculum – based sexual health education for diverse learners.

The Advocate – Zora’s Story

In this issue, Zora advocates for her daughter.

The Advocate – Ahmed’s Story

In this issue, Ahmed advocates for his brother.

The Advocate – Millie’s Story

In this issue, Millie advocates for her outreach client.

The Advocate – Amy’s Story

In this issue, Amy advocates for her student.

The Advocate – All Issues, Print-Ready

Stories about supporters stepping up and advocating for the sexual health of people with cognitive disabilities.



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