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Options For Sexual Health

British Columbia’s largest sexual health nonprofit with information & education from a feminist, pro-choice, sex positive perspective.


Sexuality and relationships info for teens and emerging adults. Articles on all aspects of sexuality, dating, love, relationships, communication, contraception etc.


Fun, animated videos that give you all the answers you actually want to know about sex, your body and relationships. Characters in the videos are usually high school students.

The Smart Sex Resource

Website with lots of information on safer sex and STIs, including how to get tested and treated.

Sexual Health Clinics

These are usually friendly, encouraging places to get contraception and safer sex supplies, to get tested or treated for STIs, or to find abortion services.

Walk-In Clinics

STI clinics are great, but they’re not always convenient or accessible. Luckily you can also get STI testing at any Walk-In Clinic.

Youth Clinics

Friendly spaces with free contraception & free emergency contraception, free STI testing & treatment, free pregnancy testing, and general sexual health info. Serving up to age 21 or age 24 depending on the clinic.

Womyn’s Ware

Vancouver store that sells many sexual pleasure products like sex toys, vibrators, massagers, and lubricant. They also sell safer sex supplies like condoms, and lots of books on sexual pleasure and health topics.

London Drugs

Personal massagers – also known as vibrators – are tools that can make masturbation more pleasurable. London Drugs stores throughout BC carry several that are inexpensive. They also sell safer sex supplies like condoms. They can ship them to you.

Shift Education

Curriculum – based sexual health education for diverse learners, as well as for teachers, caretakers, and family members who want to learn how to talk to young people about sexuality .


Curriculum-based sexual health educators serving learners with cognitive disabilities.

Shade Consulting

Offers a variety of services including counselling and sexual health education services.

Pharmacare & Contraception

Did you know? If you receive disability benefits in British Columbia, you’re usually eligible for a free hormonal IUD (which just happens to be the most effective contraception available on earth right now).

On the Loose

A resource for folks living on their own for the first time, with lots of information on avoiding pitfalls – whether online or in real life. Includes info about online dating, online porn, and avoiding scams.

VictimLink BC

Free, confidential support for victims of crimes across B.C. and the Yukon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1-800-563-0808 (Call or text)



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