How I Met My Disabled Partner

April 21, 2018 |

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Fran is Real Talk’s Sexual Health Outreach Facilitator who will be scouring the internet for wonderful tidbits, articles, resources, links, and sharing them here. Fran is also an artist, a trauma survivor and lives with diverse abilities. Fran uses “They/Them” pronouns.

This is a BBC show called Ouch, where people take over the show and talk about matters important to them. In this episode, three people who have partners who live with disabilities share their stories of how they met their partner, why they think so positive about their partners and the annoying and frustrating things that they experience as partners and as carers. They talked about the assumptions of people about them, how public affection became a way to divert unkind attention from others, sex, relationships, and navigating the world with their partners.

Filled with bittersweet moments, open honesty, deep reflections and humour, the three of them shared their most vulnerable moments in the most heart opening of ways.

If you are a carer and this podcast sparked thoughts and feelings, we’d love to connect with you! Share your insights with us in the comment section below and please keep your comments kind, respectful and inclusive.

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