“Just The Two of Us” Showcases Need for Privacy

March 31, 2022 |

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Everyone has a right to enjoy romantic and sexual relationships.

For people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities, these basic rights are too often considered taboo. People with Down syndrome are often infantilized and perceived as “forever children”, and in many ways shielded from the experiences of adulthood, including sexuality. Over the last few decades, many stereotypes surrounding disability have been challenged and shattered. It is now time to break down the last one still standing.

Just The Two Of Us is a short film presented in part for World Down Syndrome Day. The film depicts how adults with Down syndrome are often denied the moments of privacy that help nurture romantic and sexual relationships. Parents, siblings, caregivers, while often well-intentioned, try to crowd in on those relationships, inviting themselves into what the rest of the world can experience privately with their partners.

Read more about the video project here.

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