Guide for Talking About Pornography

March 23, 2023 |

Pornography is all over the place, but it’s rarely talked about. This guide gives pointers on starting the conversation.

Many of us support people who enjoy porn. Most likely we don’t want to shame them for it. We may believe that using porn can be normal and healthy. And yet, most of us can agree that:

  • it isn’t a realistic representation of sex
  • it shouldn’t be used as a ‘how-to’ guide
  • like most entertainment, it should be watched with a critical eye

So how do we have these potentially awkward conversations? The Porn Conversation is a PDF guide aimed at people over age 16 who watch porn, and the people who support them. It gives pointers on how to start these conversations, how to frame any concerns we may have, and how to give people the tools to engage with porn in a more informed way. You can access the PDF here:

This guide comes from the porn conversation website which features sexual health videos and several PDF guides for talking about sex with learners of various ages.