On December 5th and 6th, CQC wrapped its year-long skills exchange with QMUNITY in presenting our Disability Confidence Workshop.

For all of 2023, the CQC team met with different teams within QMUNITY, as well as CQC group members to explore the barriers they face in accessing queer support services. At the end of our first-year, this resulted in the delivery of a customized two-day workshop on Disability Confidence for the QMUNITY team.

Over the two days, QMUNITY staff explored the unique ways that individuals in the Community Living Sector face barriers in their ability to connect with queer support services, and how it’s possible to lessen those barriers.

A testimonial from the QMUNITY team:

This workshop was an excellent opportunity to reflect on the ways in which my efforts toward disability confidence have been successful as well as ways in which I can do better and build toward more disability inclusion in my work. I found the reflection activities to be appropriately challenging and pitched at exactly the right level of complexity for me and my program staff. The activities helped me think about what actions I can take to better align my work with my values. Finally, this workshop breathed new life into our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts; the lunch rooms and hallways were filled with conversations afterward about the concrete things we could do, and the things we aspire toward. – Alex DeForge (they/them), QMUNITY Manager of Programs and Services.