Sex Education Season 3 Is Must-See TV

The Netflix teen comedy series breaks new ground by featuring a lead character with a disability as part of a romantic triangle.

Canadians with Disabilities Discuss Consent
In this article from Refinery 29, people with various disabilities discuss how they learned about consent

Animated TV Series Mixes Sex Education With Smart Comedy

Big Mouth breaks new ground in animation with daring, hilarious subject matter.

NPR Investigation Into Sexual Abuse – Text and Audio Formats

This 2018 bombshell series addresses the sexual abuse of people with cognitive disabilities in the USA.

I Overcame Domestic Violence Despite My Disability
COVID and social distancing has made domestic abuse an immediate issue to more and more people.

Our Sexuality, Our Health: A Disabled Advocate’s Guide
This is a fantastic overview article on sexuality support written by a woman with cerebral palsy.

Resources for Resilience
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and we know that folks with disabilities are up to seven times more likely to experience sexual abuse and assault. 

UK Community Living Report on Sexuality and Safety, , , , , ,
The Care Quality Commission finds that people are safer when they are empowered to speak openly about sexuality & unwanted sexual behaviour.

Free Sexual Health Resources from Elevatus Training
Elevatus Training is a curriculum-based sexual health education organization in the USA. They have some great free resources on their web page. These two fre…

Satire Videos From Edmonton’s Self Advocacy Federation

Edmonton’s Self-Advocacy Federation is an advocacy and support organization for adults with cognitive disabilities and their allies. Among many other activit…

Books on Cognitive Disability and Sexuality
Recently Real Talk teamed up with Burnaby Public Libraries to help our events have even more impact. Following our workshop, attendees got to browse through …

Cripping Up Sex With Eva – A Great Sex Ed Website

Eva Sweeney didn’t get into sex education because she wanted to help people or become a teacher. Rather, it was because she didn’t find any applicable inform…

Romance, Relationships & Rights

Join us for this theatre performance created by and with self-advocates supported by the Community Living Society and based on research from the UBC Centre f…

Articles on Disability and Sexuality from Feminism in India Magazine

Abha Khetarpal is a writer, a counsellor, a teacher, a social worker, a motivational speaker, an activist, a National Awardee, and one of the 100 Women Achie…

Videos on Consent With Dramatized Examples, , , ,
There’s a lot of great sexual health education content out there these days. In particular, we’ve seen some excellent videos, animations, and essays on the c…

Peer-Led Sex Education for Women with Cognitive Disabilities, , ,
Check out this great new sex-ed initiative in New South Wales, Australia by clicking here.   



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