Julie and Howie
Julie and Howie of PeopleFirst Canada discuss their relationship – from how they met to how they got married…

What’s Your Bag?
Take a peek inside the handbags of different women to see what each of them they carries with them to support their sexual health and their sexual pleasure. …

Documentary About LGBTQ People with Cognitive Disabilities
sprOUT’s documentary film is one-of-a-kind!

Ted Talk on Sex Education & Cognitive Disability
How can someone consent if they are denied information?

Guide to Sexual Positions and Toys for All Bodies
A manual of adapted sexual positions and sex toys for folks with disabilities.

Disability After Dark
A weekly Canadian podcast on disability and sexuality.

Australian TV News Series Investigates Disability & Sexuality
This episode takes on on sex, rights and disability.

Minnesota Star Tribune on Cognitive Disability & Sexuality
An investigative series on this human rights issue.

A group for Vancouver-area LGBTQ folks with cognitive disabilities
A social group for LGBTQIA2S++ people with cognitive disabilities in Metro Vancouver!



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