What If Licensing And Accreditation Started Asking About Sexuality Support?
In Britain, the National Care Quality Commission has started asking organizations about how they support people’s sexualities. Read All About It!

Julie and Howie
Julie and Howie of PeopleFirst Canada discuss their relationship – from how they met to how they got married…

What’s Your Bag?
Take a peek inside the handbags of different women to see what each of them they carries with them to support their sexual health and their sexual pleasure. …

Great 30 Minute Documentary on LGBTQ People with Cognitive Disabilities
Compass is a Toronto – based organization that supports LGBTQ people with cognitive disabilities. A number of years ago they filmed a documentary about parti…

Ted Talk on Sexual Health Education for People with Cognitive Disabilities
This thought-provoking talk from a Birmingham UK educator poses an important question: How can someone consent if they are not provided with access to inform…

Sexual Device Manual for Persons with Disabilities
UBC and GF Strong Rehabilitation Hospital have published a manual with great information on how people with disabilities can use sexual devices (often referr…

Disability and Sexuality Podcast
A weekly Canadian podcast on Disability and Sexuality. Wow! Over 70 episodes so far in this podcast about Disability and Sexuality by disability consultant A…

2016 Insight Episode – Sexuality and Disability
An hourlong news program called Insight from Australia.

Minnesota Star Tribune print article on cognitive disability and sexuality
They frame it as a human rights issue… Read the article here

A group for Vancouver-area LGBTQ folks with cognitive disabilities
Hey folks, Do you identify as queer? Are you questioning / curious about your orientation or gender? Do you have a cognitive disability? Come check out the a…



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