Ted Talk on Sexual Health Education for People with Cognitive Disabilities
This thought-provoking talk from a Birmingham UK educator poses an important question: How can someone consent if they are not provided with access to inform…

Sexual Device Manual for Persons with Disabilities
UBC and GF Strong Rehabilitation Hospital have published a manual with great information on how people with disabilities can use sexual devices (often referr…

Disability and Sexuality Podcast
A weekly Canadian podcast on Disability and Sexuality. Wow! Over 70 episodes so far in this podcast about Disability and Sexuality by disability consultant A…

2016 Insight Episode – Sexuality and Disability
An hourlong news program called Insight from Australia.

Minnesota Star Tribune print article on cognitive disability and sexuality
They frame it as a human rights issue… Read the article here

A group for Vancouver-area LGBTQ folks with cognitive disabilities
Hey folks, Do you identify as queer? Are you questioning / curious about your orientation or gender? Do you have a cognitive disability? Come check out the a…



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