Major Sexual Health Website Features Couple With Down Syndrome
Smart Sex Resource is a sexual health info website operated by the BC Center for Disease Control.

What is Monkeypox?, ,
This disease has been in the news lately. But what is it and how does it spread?

New BC – Based Dating App Aimed at Neurodiverse Folks!
A new dating app called NOMI is launching soon, and it’s aimed at folks with cognitive disabilities.

Is Pride Accessible?
Many LGBTQ folks with disabilities face barriers in participating in the annual celebration. It’s a symptom of a larger problem.

Netflix’s “The Principles of Pleasure” Aims to Close the Orgasm Gap, ,
In Netflix’s new limited series, viewers embark on a journey into the complexities of women’s pleasure.

‘I was sure they would fall in love!’ The dos and don’ts of amateur matchmaking, , ,
Follow along one woman’s efforts to play matchmaker for her circle of friends, and what she learnt along the way.

Being a Parent With Down Syndrome, , ,
Jad Issa is a father, a husband and a community pillar.

“Just The Two of Us” Showcases Need for Privacy, , , ,
Everyone has a right to enjoy romantic and sexual relationships.

Couples With Down Syndrome in People Magazine

The world-famous weekly runs a photo feature celebrating folks with Down Syndrome in loving relationships.

Podcast on Dating With a Cognitive Disability

Katherine McLaughlin from Elevatus Training speaks on the topic of dating with a cognitive disability on the weekly podcast.

Get Married – Lose Your Benefits?, , , , , , ,
Outdated laws take away benefits from people with disabilities if they marry or move in together.

Touch Starvation is Bad For Your Health

Many people with disabilities get almost no touch – which can cause serious health problems. Here are some solutions.

Disabled Parts, , , ,
This website moves past the mechanics of disabled sex, and explores the emotional & erotic sides.

The Ups & Downs of Dating With a Cognitive Disability

In this podcast, people share their stories & living experiences on this topic.

New Musical About Sex & Disability, , , , , , , , , ,
Move over, Avenue Q. There’s a hot new show breaking out of Brooklyn!

Sex Education Season 3 Is Must-See TV

The Netflix teen comedy series breaks new ground by featuring a lead character with a disability as part of a romantic triangle.



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